Theatre of Life&Death

In Cemeteries on November 18, 2013 at 10:20 am

More important thinking and designing from design for death architecture

By Architecture Practice + Experimentation-Jeffrey Bolhuis-Laurence Lord from Denmark

designers’ own words:

When somebody passes away, the bereaved find comfort in the age old traditional rituals and processes of laying their loved one to rest. This is not going to change. However there is an increasing trend towards the personalisation of these traditions. Already there is a wide choice in the various details associated with the ceremony but the architectural setting is always fixed. Why not let people decide the spatial experience for this very important and personal ceremony?


Theatre of Life&Death proposes to utilize techniques already present in modern theatres to create one highly flexible space that can cater for a large variety of all types of required atmospheres. Mobile lightweight architecture allows for alternative entrance and exit procedures; moving walls can reduce or increase spaces for different capacities so that it never feels empty; quick lighting changes, textured curtains and walls can alter the mood and the façades & roof can open up to bring the celebrants closer to nature.





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