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Do We Need to Remember?

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Crosses Memorial to US Dead in Iraq (Lafayette, CA)

Why do we remember?

Harvey Milk Memorial, Castro Street Station, San Francisco

Why do people display their memory of one who has passed?

Long Island, NY

Is this a universal human need, response?

Paris- this torch (from the Statue of Liberty) became a memorial to Princess Diana of Wales who died not far from here in the Tunnel d'Alma

Roadside Memorial between Gilroy and Casa de Fruita, California

In what ways are these memorials different than those in cemeteries?

Memorial Corner at 18th and Castro Streets, San Francsico, for Dan Cusick

What purpose do these public memorials serve?

Castro and 18th Streets, San Francisco

Do you want to be remembered?



In Cemeteries on May 2, 2011 at 10:28 am

Cemeteries can work both as resting places for our dead and as parks for us (see Assitens Kirkegard and Pere Lachaise below). Here are some delightful examples:

Columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery

Assistens Kirkegård Cemetery/Park, Denmark

Aoyama Cemetery, Japan

Resting spot for the living

In the desert

Pere Lachaise, Paris

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