In Cemeteries, Shared space on December 2, 2010 at 4:05 pm

The National AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Entry stone at the National AIDS Memorial Grove

One of the truest and strongest modern expressions of a community’s remembrance of its dead, the National AIDS MEmorial Grove is a stunningly beautiful and moving memorial.

It’s a creation of a community for its lost members. A place of remembrance and message for the present and the future.

The Circle of Friends

So, while I’ve been reiterating the need for humanness in cemeteries to make them living spaces, it only hit me yesterday at the World AIDS Day Observation in the Grove that so many people want and need to remember and to honor the memory of all those who have past before.

Circle of Friends - detail

And each community has different expressions of its needs and its culture.

But when they come together in a beautiful and loving space, they draw deep connection both within their specific community and with the community of the living.

A stairway into the Grove

These spaces can be both at once places of quiet and powerful reflection (and tears too sometimes), and are gifts to the world: here are dear  people who gave important gifts  that may not be given again.

That is the power of communities- and their grace.

Intimate seating in the Grove


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