An Ideal Park!

In Cemeteries, Pathways on October 16, 2010 at 4:08 pm


A place to cross paths with others


Copenhagen has done it. Beautifully. In 1760. Assistens Kirkegarden Cemetery in Copenhagen is a popular burial spot for Danish notables, and is also very popular with tourists and Copenhageners.


Refreshing spaces for people


The cemetery is one of the largest open green spaces in Copenhagen, so it is used by many.


Biking and strolling


And, yes, it is a functioning cemetery.


Hans Christian Andersen's grave


There are many, many inviting spaces in this park cemetery…


A private little path


Sunbathing too…


Actually using and enjoying a cemetery lawn



Gravesites that feel fresh


Entering, moving around, leaving – on foot, bike, and skates….




I can’t think of any other cemetery that is used more by the living. There are a number that are used as much, Pere Lachaise is a favorite example, but there are far, far too few of these…yet.


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