Beautiful places for people who don’t want to be buried – columbaria

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San Francisco Columbarium

San Francisco Columbarium

San Francisco has a beautiful columbarium, left from the original Odd Fellows Cemetery. It’s one of only four places that one can be buried in San Francisco (The National Cemetery in the Presidio, Mission Dolores, and, recently, Saint Mary of the Virgin Church). The Columbarium is a beautiful neo-Classical built in 1898. A delightfully quiet, beautiful, and moving space.

The Columbarium in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris is in a loggia, with many famous interred there – Isadora Duncan, Maria Callas, Stephane Grapelli. And like the rest of that scenic urban cemetery, it’s beautiful.


Columbarium at Pere Lachaise, Paris

The Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland was designed by julia Morgan (who also designed Hearst’s Castle in San Simeon, California). It’s a fantasy world – a moorish library and gardens. Most all of the urns in the original section are done as brass books, so you fell like you want to stop, sit, a enjoy for a good long while. It’s also scaled at about 3/4 scale, so the felling is very intimate.

Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, California

Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, California

So, we’re seeing that there are many beautiful examples of places for people to rest for eternity, and for people to visit, remember, and sometimes “enjoy”. What other examples are there?


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