People Remember People

In Cemeteries on August 16, 2009 at 11:17 pm

People remember people. It’s a strong need. And the way people do that is changing.


I want to transform the way people experience cemeteries in the United States. Think of ground-breaking physical spaces such as the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial by Maya Lin in Washington. And the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. That type of energy should be available to all, especially in their time of personal grief.

Many people still need a physical place to go for remembrance. Those places can be very strong. There are also many places that do not fulfill human needs fully. This is what I want to change.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

The National AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Real parks, real gardens, real life: dynamic and vibrant cemetery spaces for the 21st Century.

There are wonderful spaces and designers out there, right now. And this space here will be an exploration.

  1. Great start! How do you want peope to respond? Are you looking for partners or investers? Do you want viewers to submit design ideas? You should contact Flora Grub.
    This is the kind of thing that would really interest her. She has a store on 3rd street. She was involved in putting together very beautiful plantings down the center of San Jose blvd and parts of Guerrero. Anyway, this is a very cool subject. xo, Nay

  2. This is great. Thanks for being so thoughtful in such a difficult process. Your respectful attitude is appreciated.

    Thanks, the Bohland’s

  3. A wonderful site! Let its ideas flourish.

    A note about the AIDS grove: Regardless of California’s outdated laws, the grove is a peaceful and and beautiful home for the ashes of many countless people touched by that awful disease. I put the ashes of Curt and my brother Tom in an abundantly green corner of the grove, and it gives me peace to know their remains are part of the earth, pushing up daisies and all sorts of flora. I know where the spot it (and so do my family and Curt’s), and it’s nice to know I can go there when I want some time alone with them.

    Cheers, Lance!

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